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branding, graphic design and web development

It's an increasingly challenging, noisy, fragmented market environment. The task of getting your message across effectively is considerably more complex than just publishing a website or printed literature.

Successful brand and design is about thinking in new ways. Making new connections. A diagonal thought process that engages both logic and creativity; achieves goals and objectives as well as embracing emotional responses.

Sense Not Logic takes a 360º approach to the design process. We work from below ground, establishing strong roots to support firm growth.

It's not always reason that appeals to your customers or clients. It's about provoking their senses not logic... sometimes, something just feels right.


In its simplest form your brand can be thought of as the personality of your company, product or service(s). A valuable asset, it communicates what people can expect and, applied with consistency, can provide reassurance and familiarity.


If you don't have a brand we can work with you to develop it. The process involves creating a unique name and image with a constant theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.


If you already have a brand it will remain safe in our hands. We fully understand brand guardianship and alignment.


Creating compelling content that communicates substance is essential. These are the messages you want your target market to hear, loud and clear, even if it is subtle! This stage informs the graphic approach.


It's about copy. Text content is perhaps the vital part of the chemistry. What needs to be said will inform the type of images, icons, typography, colours and space required.


The right kind of imagery is invaluable and where on the scale from informative to emotive it falls. It can be commissioned creative or editorial photography and illustration. Stock photography or your existing image library.


Graphic design is the process of visual communication utilising type, space, image and colour.


Design puts your message first, combining your brand with your key proposition. There are many formats that enable you to engage and communicate with your customers generating a response, wider awareness and increased sales.


Whether you require stationery, a brochure, leaflet or catalogue, exhibition display graphics, an eCommerce or brochure website, app or any other type of promotion, they should all be carefully aligned with your messaging, goals and objectives... consistent across all delivery platforms and devices.


Having developed your brand, created compelling content and graphics you may think the job is done... it isn't. The structure has been put in place, but you need to cultivate for growth.


Your website must be ready, from the roots up, for Search Engine Optimisation. It should support your Online Reputation Management through Social Media. Your marketing strategy could collapse if you don't adopt the right approach. Whether that's Google Adword, Email or print led campaigns, good preparation adds credibility.


Continual monitoring, updating and adjustment are vital parts of a successful design and communication process.

4 vital elements

Sense Not Logic has all the skill and experience to support you through the whole process, delivering great looking, effective brand and graphic design solutions.



Over the years we have worked with start ups, small business, musicians and bands, museums, charitable organisations and large companies. Our client projects include DELL, Fujitsu, Fort James, Marks and Spencer, Liberty Mint/Manchester United, Eden Vale, Vale Royal Council (now Cheshire West and Chester), FS Walker Hughes/Chroma Airport Suite, Amor Group (now Lockheed Martin), The Lion Salt Works, BOSS Model Agency, Mark Radcliffe (BBC), Socotra Logistics UK, IGG Investments (igglu), E-Ryder AGD Ltd, BMC Exhibitions... and many more.



The studio is based in the heart of Cheshire, so we are conveniently located for Warrington, Liverpool, Runcorn, the Wirral, Chester,

Nantwich, Stoke, Macclesfield and Manchester. We have clients throughout the North West of England and the UK, so please

don't hesitate to contact us if you feel you would like to discuss your requirements.

Sense Not Logic. Branding, graphic design and web development.

If you would like to talk to us, call Sense Not Logic on 07595 340062

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